About Us

Mission Statement

To promote fair housing and diverse communities, and to work to eliminate housing discrimination in Northeast Ohio by providing effective research, education and advocacy.


Housing Research & Advocacy Center (The Housing Center) is a not for profit fair housing agency that promotes equal housing opportunities and positive race relations in Northeast Ohio. The Housing Center was established in 1983 as the Metropolitan Strategy Group, but changed the name in 2003 to better reflect the organization’s mission. Housing Research & Advocacy Center was founded as a “brown bag” luncheon group of local fair housing/civil rights advocates who shared a goal of expanding housing opportunities for Greater Clevelanders regardless of their race, religion, gender, ethnicities, national origins familial status, or disability.The Housing Research & Advocacy Center has significantly grown since its inception in 1983, while The Housing Center continues to advocate for programs that promote fair housing, the scope of the agency has changed from a grass-roots coalition of community groups, to a focused fair housing agency. The Housing Research & Advocacy Center’s general mission remains the same: To ensure, through research, educational programs, public policy and enforcement activities, that all residents are guaranteed equal access to housing.

Founding Date

The Housing Research & Advocacy Center was established as the Metropolitan Strategy Group in 1983, was incorporated under not-for-profit laws in the State of Ohio in 1992, and granted federal exemption status in 1994. The Housing Center has several events planned for 2013 to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act and the 30th Anniversary of The Housing Center.

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