The Housing Center regularly conducts fair housing law seminars and events for landlords, property managers, real estate professionals, social workers, attorneys, government officials, newspaper publishers, and others. In addition, we conduct workshops for consumers on avoiding predatory lending.

Since 2005, the Housing Center has also conducted conferences and trainings on predatory lending, building accessible housing, disability rights, and legal and other strategies for addressing fair housing issues.

In addition, Housing Center employees have been invited to participate in a number of conferences, forums and panels on various aspects of fair housing and fair lending.

Speakers Bureau

Contact the Housing Center if your organization is interested in learning more about fair housing and fair lending. We are happy to provide, at no cost, an interesting and informative program to meet your needs. Our staff, volunteers and Board members are available to give presentations on the following topics:

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

Fair Housing Organizations-What Can They Do for You?

  • Fair Housing and Disability
  • Fair Housing and Mental Health Disabilities
  • Fair Housing for Landlords and Rental Property Owners
  • Fair Housing for Real Estate Professionals
  • Fair Housing and Condominiums: An Overview
  • Fair Housing and Municipalities


The Housing Research & Advocacy Center’s mission is to promote fair housing and diverse communities, and work to eliminate housing discrimination in Northeast Ohio, by providing effective research, education and advocacy. Please call us at (216) 361-9240 for more information or to schedule a presentation.

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